How to choose the right Video Editing Software

This is a quick how to guide to choosing the right Video Editing Software.

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There are many types of software available to edit videos in the market place, although their prices vary depending on their functions and level of processing of the video that can be achieved with them.

The most important factors to consider when choosing software are determining what your needs are.

  • Are there tools required to adjust the size of your video?
  • Are you editing professionally or are you making home videos?
  • Do you already have knowledge of specific software and its functions?

After you have identified these some of these questions, you should be able to narrow down whether you need software that is for beginners, advanced or professionals in the field of video editing.

If you need software for edit and create home videos, then software for beginners would be an ideal choice. This type of software has some of the basic features used for editing videos, such as the ability to reduce different clips and merge them all together, a tool allowing you to overlay text on video, background music and other basic tools. You can usually find free versions of beginner editing software online which you can download and trial to see if it works for you. It’s probably better to practice on a free version if you are a beginner, before investing in a higher quality software program that can cost a pretty penny.
Beginner video editing programs available are – 
Apple iMovie
Windows Movie Maker

If you already have some knowledge of video editing programs, you’ll be better suited sourcing an intermediate level video editing suite which gives you a bit more tools and functions to use. These include all the basic editing functions mentioned earlier, plus some additional functions which allow you to have greater control over the video. Some of these functions include key frame functions – these allow editors to control certain properties of a video such as opacity, size, position and audio grain. If this still doesn’t meet your needs, then you should look at the functions of professional level video editing software.
Intermediate video editing software – 
Adobe Premiere Elements

Software at a professional level are pretty in-depth programs that can’t be used by everyone. These programs are usually complicated and often require some training before using them. They are ideal for any professional editor who deals with video editing regularly, because their price can be quite high and unless you absolutely need it, it probably isn’t worth your while. Professional video editing software is commonly used by companies dealing with recording weddings, movies , etc., because realistically, they are the only ones who actually need to use some of the most advanced tools and features. These software are equipped with an array of functions that can further control images, graphics and audio in videos with much more detail, and gives you a large amount of professional tools. Also, professional software gives you access to files that assist with the in and out of production.
Professional applications include – 
Avid Media Composer
Adobe Premiere Pro CC

So, determine your needs and level and start editing your video!


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