How To Find Free Royalty Free Music For Youtube Videos.

Free royalty free music

Finding music for your videos can sometimes be very difficult – it’s hard enough finding the right track to match your edit, and when you bring royalty fees into the mix, forget it!. Of course, thanks to the Internet, you can find a heap of free music that will fit your needs and at the same time be be royalty-free and not violate any of those nasty copyright laws.

There are many sites where you can find royalty free music. Some of these are more well-known, some less. Some of the larger sites that offer this YouTube and Vimeo, which have started building music libraries where you can borrow music from a number of independent artists. Most of the songs on these sites are completely free to use for video projects, without royalties or licensing, however on the off chance there are a couple files on these sites that are not free – though they do only have a one-off licensing fee that supports the artist whose song you end up using. However, though Youtube and Vimeo are the most well known sites, there are also a number of smaller websites that are proving to be big contenders!


CCMixter royalty free music for download

Here you can find a huge collection of samples, remixes or acappella tracks which you can use when creating your own music or videos. An added bonus is that you can freely and legally download music from some pretty famous artists!

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro

By itself, the software for editing videos is expensive, but this being said, it comes with 1,300 music royalty tracks – free sound effects that can be downloaded through a free software update. Thanks to its built- in music and sound browser , you can access the files with ease and use till your heart is content.


Royalty free tracks for videos

Created by composer Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech, is a great site for royalty free music. The music is categorized by genre and has a large range to choose from. The catch? You need to credit the music within the video.

Sound Cloud

Soundcloud royalty free music tracks

This site has a special section for songs that are uploaded under a Creative Commons license, which means that you are free to use as long as the guidelines determined by the artist are met. This page is a good place where you can find songs that sound like background music.

Free Soundtrack Music

This page is one of many that provides royalty free music, which can usually be found in many famous movies, videos, games, or various multimedia productions. Most of the songs uploaded on this page are free, but some of them are paid with a negligible amount.

YouTube Video Editor

The YouTube video editor is a library of pre-approved songs that you can use for free in your video . Although you may not be able to recognize most of the songs, there are many styles that you can choose from.

Vimeo Music Store

Vimeo music store

Similar to YouTube, Vimeo, has a catalog of songs for the video that you can use. Some are free while others can be downloaded for a price of only $ 1.99.

If you are one of those who need royalty free music, visit one of these sites and make your choice! Enjoy!



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