Make Awesome Home Videos And Become The Next Spielberg!

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Want to film your happy moments, but want them to look professional, neat, and most of all, memorable? It can be a fun project recording home videos, capturing the memory, energy and affection and editing into a movie for your friends and relatives to enjoy. Here is our how-to guide on how to create home videos.

Planning and equipment

The first thing you need to do to get a great home video is to do a little bit of planning what you want to film, who will appear and the details you want to capture. But before you do, you need to have the right equipment. It certainly does not have to be a professional camera or camcorder, but the better the equipment is, the better your video will be. To ensure you get some good shots, purchase a tripod that your camera can attach to. This will allow you to record from afar (so you can be in the video too!). Also, you should look at the possibilities of sound recording with your camera and edit it as required.

You’ll also need to choose what event or moment you want to film. Do you want to create a home video of an ordinary day with the family, or do you want to film a celebration? The choice of events or moments will determine how you prepare and be organized for the filming. If is something special such as a wedding or graduation, you’ll need to have a plan as to when to start recording, what shots you want to have etc to ensure your video has the scense you want. Always include interesting stories, interviews with guests, dancing and laughing shots, because that is what will keep viewers attention when viewing the video.


After you have determined what you want to shoot, you can start recording. At first you need to stabilize your camera and remove the protective cap on time in order not to miss an important moment.

To get a high quality video, make sure you are continually paying attention to detail when recording. Many home videos are well made ​​thanks to the attention that is given to the object. Think anbout the types of shots you can get while recording, and how they will lool when edited into a movie. For example, if you are filming a wedding, close ups of the bride and groom can look great, however if you only have close ups in the video it will not look very professional. Try to alternate between wide, medium, close-up and extreme close up shots to get a bit of variety.

The combination of all these shots can fully capture the moments and emotions when put together, so when recording, start with wide shots and gradually focus more on the main subject to get a dramatic look. These can be done in a continuous take, or in the editing stage.

Occasionally it is also good to get some B-roll footage – that is, shots of the surrounding, of the tables, the scenery, flowers etc, that you can use to fill in spaces of the video when editing. This will give your video a professional edge.

Edit video

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After you finish the video, it’s time to edit! You will certainly need to use some of the video editing software available on the market for editing videos. These can range from beginner software to professionl software, so ensure you choose the right one for your needs. While editing, choose the best shots or scenes that you recorded and put them all together to tell a story of the event. You can also add background music, special effects, text or fade in and fade outs to help you create a truly professional looking home video.

Thats it, it’s that easy! So get out there and start recording your fondest memories! 

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