When Should I Use Special Effects In Film-making?

Special Effects in Filmmaking

Great! So you’ve recorded your footage and it’s now time to edit the footage into one video. You’ve now reached one of the most fun stages of video editing – the special effects phase. Some of the great things you can do with special effects include adding titles to the video, adding background music, etc, or – for those feeling a little more creative, this is where storytelling comes into play. Some scenes to be cut of the video or to be upgraded? Or maybe you want to tell a story to the world that is beyond reality? Thanks to visual effects in the videos this can be done. Using special effects, you can get a wide range of accessories to enrich the video, regardless of the genre to which it belongs.

After Effects for video production

The special effects in videos is usually used when we want to create fantastic or imaginary characters, or when you need to create a location behind your characters in science fiction videos. This could be because you don’t have access to the real thing (can you afford a lazer beam?), or cannot afford to visit the location yourself to get the background you need. For example, if you record video what needs a background with a castle in it, it is unlikely that you will spend large sums of money to cart your actors, video equipment etc to a location with a castle. Instead, the whole scene can be done by adding the castle as a special effect in the video.

Another time when special effects can be used is when you need to add or change the background. This can usually be done with the use of a green screen. The idea is to record with a bright green background, which later can be replaced with any other background in the editing stage.

Another example when using special effects is when we need to add or clone the actors. If you need a huge army in the video, you will have to spend thousands to hire actors. This is additional cost that can be avoided, simply adding them to the video. Or maybe you are shooting an action scene and need to have an explosion. Surely you will not blow up a car or building (right?!) – instead, just use special effects to get the desired scene.

There are thousands of examples like these which illustrate the need to have special effects in films, especially in todays world. However, not all special effects have to be that extreme. You can still use subtle special effects such as making films look like old black and white films using dissolved film, or using fast or slow motion to emphasize speed. It is rare these days that you view a film that does not use special effects, as it would be unaffordable in a lot of movies to physically create the scenes that are being depicted. Special effects are both a cost effective way to create scenes, and are limitless in their ability to transform videos from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

If you are currently into editng films and videos, try to start to incorporate special effects into your videos. You will notice that in time you can create some visually stunnning and exciting films, all thanks to special effects!

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