Title Editing in Pinnacle Studio

Title editing in Pinnacle Studio is super easy and highly customisable to your needs.

In this demo, you’ll learn how to use Pinnacle’s text graphic tools and motion title editor to create easy and creative titles.

First up, title editing inside Pinnacle Studio.

Pinnacle Studio video editing software comes with a number of pre built motion menus called Standard Motion Titles. When you select it and drop it into your timeline you’ll see a green bar. This green bar shows that the title is rendered and playable in real time.
To edit the title simply double click on it or right click to “go to Motion Title Editor”.

The next window will prompt you to enter the text you want displayed. It is there as a place holder allowing you to see what the pre-built animation will look like.

You will also be able to change colour, font, size and shadow, etc. Pinnacle is shipped with some great standard options with pre-selected colors and drop shadows.

In the menu you’ll see a play button. If you select this you’ll be able to view your title graphic playing in a continuous loop. This allows you to critique it and fine tune.

The black background behind the title represents an alpha channel. This means it will be transparent once in your edit sequence.

Once you have created a title you are happy with, simply render it to have it playbook at full quality.

This is just a basic understanding of Pinnacles Title Editing Tool. For more in-depth how to’s and articles visit the rest of our site http://pinnaclestudiovideoediting.com.


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